Murakumo Dojo
The Place of the Way
   The word Dojo means, "Place of the Way".  Or, more simply put, the place where
training occurs.  More profoundly O'Sensei and other great teachers emphasized that
the Way is not in a building or a book, it is right where one stands.  We are all at
different places along the Way, different sets of knowledge & skill, different levels of
understanding & ability.  So practically speaking we do need a place to train, and a
teacher/s from whom the transmission flows from.  There is a vision for a permanent
facility for Murakumo ryugi Budo, but for now our location for training varies.  One of
the benefits of this is the convenience and exclusivity of having an experience at
your private residence.  Alternatively, weather permitting, we can meet at various
public locations (typically local parks or sports fields).  This is especially preferable
when training requires such spaces such as: running, escape training, and a more
realistic environment for self protection/defense scenarios are examined.  Finally,
there are a few local facilities for rental that can work very well for our training from
recreation department rooms to commercial athletic and/or martial arts business

   There is a vision for a more permanent facility, but the economics can not as of
yet justify it.  However, once established additional benefits would become available
for the members.  Benefits, like enriched exposure to other Japanese cultural arts, a
centralized and honored examination facility, a location to invite other senior martial
arts teachers from around the world for seminars, and a location for additional
equipment and/or retail items.
Artistic Rendition of new Murakumo Dojo & Jinja